Sweet Tooth Rolled Ice Cream
Sweet Tooth Rolled Ice Cream

About Us

Hi! My name is Brett. I'm an ice cream fanatic, and the founder of Sweet Tooth Rolled Ice Cream.


While visitng Thailand in February of 2018, I took my girlfriend to a rolled ice cream street vendor for Valentine's Day (how romantic).

I was so excited about the rolled ice cream, and wondered why I hadn't seen it before.  After doing some research, I discovered it was because there were only a handful of rolled ice cream shops in all of Canada.

On the same night I tried the dessert, I contacted a Chinese manufacturer, and started working with them to build a custom-made trailer that could be moved around Regina to serve the cold treat.

While waiting for the trailer to be built, I learned how to make home-made ice cream and waffle tacos.  Then I began experimenting with different flavors and recipes to determine the best tasting combinations - likely the sweetest job ever (pun intended).

The rolled ice cream trailer is scheduled to be delivered to Regina next week!  You'll be able find my team and I set up at lunch almost everyday downtown on the plaza, and at different events and festivals around the city on the weekends.  We are a group of individuals who truly LOVE ice cream, and are so excited that we get to share this creamy treat with you!