About Sweet Tooth Rolled Ice Cream

Hi! My name is Brett. I'm an ice cream fanatic, and the founder of Sweet Tooth Rolled Ice Cream.

I first saw rolled ice cream while visiting Vietnam with my girlfriend in 2018.  Shortly after coming back to Canada, I ordered a custom-made pink trailer from China, and in the Summer of 2018, Sweet Tooth was born.  

This year, we've added a big pink bus to our fleet!  You can find us set up at either the Northt Leisure Center, or the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Center.  If you're every unsure, just shoot us a message!  We set up daily from 12pm - 830pm, unless Betsy (the bus) needs maintenance, or if we have another private function / event to attend. 

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to you trying our rolled ice cream!